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Sure, you can do all the usual stuff - ride the Skunk Train, shop the boutiques or hike the local forest trails and beaches - and we’re happy to offer advice on our favorite places. But how about something different? For a more “off the beaten path” activity, why not visit a carnivorous plant nursery, check out the local letterpress studio or take a llama trek?

Zida Borcich of Studio Z has been creating beautiful, arresting graphic designs for over twenty years. She produces, by the esteemed technique of Letterpress Printing, incredible invitations, cards, brochures - you name it, she can print it. For those unfamiliar with the finer points of printing, Zida literally uses medieval techniques, similar to the famous Gutenberg Press, to produce sophisticated and elegant designs. The look of Letterpress is sumptuous and understated, and Zida specializes in the “less is more” aesthetic to bring her ideas to the printed page. Plan a visit to her intimate studio - we predict that the time you spend will be rewarded with treasures far better than another silly tee shirt.

Or - be the first in your circle to trek the backcountry by llama. These lovely animals are owned by our friends who offer three llama treks in the Mendocino Coast area. All are led by experienced guides and accompanied by their well-trained and friendly pack llamas. The llamas can carry anything you might want to bring along, such as extra clothing, cameras or art supplies, leaving you unburdened to meander along at an easy pace seldom enjoyed on extended hikes. Treks can be tailored to fit your desires, from napping on the beach to spending hours painting a waterfall.