Sylvia and I started dating in the summer of 1975.  She was a school teacher.  It seemed to me that the school session from Labor Day until Thanksgiving was just too long.  I persuaded her to take a long weekend in the middle of October.  I made a reservation at the Little River Inn for three nights for the third weekend in October.  (I do not recall how I selected Little River Inn)
We arrived very late Friday night, as we drove from Willits to Fort Bragg rather than from Cloverdale.  We also were freezing.  My car had been damaged in an accident hence we had a rental car whose heating system was beyond our talents.  As I recall, there was no one at the front desk except a note, a map, and a key to Room 16.   I still carry a picture of us on the deck with a reflection of the ocean from the windows in our room.
We made reservations for 1976.  Elaine Moore entered our names into her Forever Book.  Somewhere along the line, room 16 became room 116, the interior was redone, but it is still #16 to us.  During the past eight years we have shifted the visit to mid-week in October, as we both had retired.. We have acquired many dear friends at Little River Inn.  We get together with Elaine each year, even though she has not worked at Little River Inn for many years.  We had the pleasure of frequently meeting Ole during the early years as well as an occasional meeting with Cora.  So many wonderful memories.