1983… the year of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”… the last episode of “Mash”… and our group’s first getaway to Little River Inn.  One couple in our collection of friends and  neighbors so fell in love with Little River Inn that they worked for months putting together our first visit to this place we too have come to love.  In August of that year, we trekked up through the wine country and redwoods to experience the Mendocino coast and see what they were so excited about.
Little did we know this weekend getaway, a chance to be with friends, put jobs, chores and parenting on hold for a few days and experience true relaxation would be so addictive. Over the years Little River Inn has been for us a place to reconnect, enjoy, and remember how precious life really is.  Some* are no longer with us; yet in August before our Saturday evening dinner,  we all raise our glass and remember... they are still with us here at Little River Inn.
Over the years one thing we know; if it’s August, it's Little River Inn.  From the continually improving 18 hole course with its wildlife and wonderful views… to the inn, bar and restaurant staff that feel like family… to Abby Rose the inn cat in charge… and drifting off to sleep to the faint sound of the buoy bell off shore, you might say of our group from San Jose, a Little River runs through it.
Bob and Carol B. -- David and Michele D. -- Dave and Ruth H. --  Darrel and Jean J. --  Eric and Georgia L. -- John and Shirley O. --  Ted and Bonnie R. --   Dick and Bev S. --  Dick* and Jane L. --  Dave* and Lynn L.