Charlie and I were married in 1939--- the same year the Inn opened.  At that time visits to the area were spent at my father’s family home in Elk.  The men would often stop at Ole’s (never call it “the Inn” then) for a drink and visit.  When the Cooney home was sold, we began to stay at the Inn.  In those days we stayed in the little cottages behind the main building.  We paid eleven dollars per night for lodging and could enjoy abalone anytime we wished.  We spent many holidays and family occasions at Little River.  Bud Kamb, a local realtor and regular Inn visitor, always referred to it as “our home away from home.”  We moved from cottages to annex to #114, the elegant new units, finally settling on our favorite room #102, adjacent to the main building.  We remember the ivy coming into the bar area, the fireplace in the dining room, the primitive golf course, little landscaping, our friend Elaine Moore at the reception desk.  We celebrated our fiftieth anniversary with all of our family in the small dining area.  We, over the years, became good friends with Ole and Cora, sharing happy times and sad times.
Traditionally, we began celebrating birthdays at Little River, and then St. Patrick’s Day--- about fifteen years ago we included Thanksgiving.  When Charlie died in 2002, I have continued to enjoy these wonderful occasions with my children, Richard and Christine.
It is wonderful to see my family as happy to be at Little River as we were and to see second and third generations of Ole and Cora Hervilla’s managing the Inn with the same gracious hospitality which we have enjoyed there many years.  The continuity of Inn personnel is such a joy--- Pat, Joan, Printha, Sue, Cynthia, Carol, and of course the excellent team of Susan and Mel McKinney, Dan and Daphne Hervilla and their families.  At nearly ninety years old, I still look forward to my visits to Little River Inn.  Thank you all for so many happy memories.