As we sit on our deck, looking over the beautiful property and watch the waves crashing on the rocks, we wait with great anticipation for whale spouts to appear.  Look, there’s one!
We were high school sweethearts, and after not seeing eachother for 18 years our paths met again.  When we needed to escape together we came to the Mendocino Coast and the Little River Inn.  After many years of returning here, we were married in 1990 at the church overlooking the headlands in Mendocino and honeymooned at the Inn.
We have been coming back every January since then and sometimes twice a year. 
We’ve experienced the first snow in 20yrs, storms that were wild and 75 degree weather in January. You just never know!
Our love for the office cats used to result in tempting, especially old Maggie, to come to our room for some cheese and warm fire.
The wonderful staff have become like family, especially Printha, Pat and Joan.  This is our favorite home away from home.
We plan to grow old returning here, escaping, to this magical place.