In 1989 I decided to call my high school girlfriend who I had not seen except once at our 25th reunion. I had met her sister earlier that year and her sister told me Pat was divorced and living in North Carolina. I said I was also divorced and she offered me Pat’s telephone number.
I called Pat and during the conversation offered to fly her out to California over the Christmas & New Year holidays for a personal reunion. After a few days she decided to accept and I needed to make plans to entertain her while here. Pat agreed to come out between Christmas & New Years and a few days after. I made plans to go to a New Years dance in Sacramento where I lived and needed something to do after that. Our last date had been New Year’s 1959, 30 years before. I had had occation to stay at Little River Inn the year before when taking my mother on a tour of the coast & wine country. I called the Inn and described my needs and the lady I was talking too said “just let me take care of this, you won’t be disappointed”.
Pat came out and we attended the dance and then off we went to Mendocino and the Little River Inn. We arrived late and found an envelope on the office door with a key and directions to Van Damme House which I had never seen before. When I opened the door to our room (Van Damme South) I exclaimed “ I think she’s going to be impressed”. She was impressed enough she married me shortly after and we have been coming back to Little River Inn and rooms in Van Damme House ever since, always over Christmas, last year being our 20th return. We cannot even imagine celebrating Christmas anywhere else.