In the fall of 2001 Doug and Marsha were married. Doug and Marsha spent most of their honeymoon at the Inn and the colliding of the Asche and Huckabay family traditions took place. The Inn hasn’t been the same since. The huge extended family gatherings began.
We convinced the whole Asche family to go up around St. Patrick’s Day and see the whales.  We reserved most of the lower floor of the annex and enjoyed wonderful whale watching and family time.  Everyone loved it so the next year it had spread to extended Asche family and much of the Huckabay family as well.  Because of the sheer number of people we had all the first floor of the middle annex building and some of the upper floor as well.  We decided to have a chili cook off so everyone brought crock pots of chili, chips, salsa and the works.  We even had prizes for the best chili.  The weather was a little cold and even during the event we had a hail storm come through that covered the deck with white.  But the Asches, et. al., are a hearty crew and weathered the storm to enjoy not only scads of chili, but the engagement announcement of Chris and Tailor.
Since then, our first grand child, James was born to Chris and Tailor, my daughter Kate married Charlie, someone she had known of since high school and my son Brendan, who had his unforgettable 4th birthday at the Mallory Farm House, is now a grad student studying electrical engineering. As for Marsha and Doug, they continue to visit several times a year. The annual weekend before Thanksgiving is still their favorite time. Now, however, they share that time with Doug’s parents Bob and Margaret since the kid’s schedules are to complicated to coordinate that close to the holidays.
There are so many more stories, we could go on and on, but in summary, we have celebrated (engagements, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving, birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries) relaxed, explored, and experienced the beautiful Little River Inn with our family and many friends (some we brought and some we made while we were there.)
Thank you for sharing your lovely family home and for making and keeping Little River Inn a place where traditions can be made and continued.