We started a holiday tradition when our son was young to go away for Thanksgiving, rather than having to pick and choose between extended family invitations. That way we would not seem to favor one family over the other,  and we could start a new tradition and enjoy a vacation at the same time. We have been staying at Little River Inn every Thanksgiving now for over twelve years.  We have been eating our holiday meal there for almost twenty!

It all started when we stayed at another inn up in the Mendocino area.
There were only a few choices for the Thanksgiving meal back then and we were lucky to have been booked for dinner at Little River Inn.  The meal was memorable, the setting lovely, and the warmth of the staff very apparent from that first visit.  The view of the sunset from the inn porch  was spectacular!
We realized that the inn was very lovely and extremely well priced for the amenities( we coveted the tennis courts, as our son played USTA junior tennis.) We inquired into possibly staying there the next year, but the inn was booked solid for the next year's holiday season. This was true for several seasons- but I just kept trying and -finally!- we had a room. Over the years we have stayed in different kinds of rooms- the original building's front attic room, the modern inn room, a luxury suite and the very lovely rose garden cottage room. All are lovely and priced right for their amenities. Besides using the tennis courts, my son has graduated to golfing (badly) on the inn's nine hole course, and practicing putting and driving at the inn driving range. We have also hiked the path from the inn through the Van Damm park to the Pygmy forest and back many times. We used to always  double back to the Philo area to taste wines on  Friday, and Saturday night we would go up to Fort Bragg to see the latest Star Trek movie. Now Fridays are always spent on the golf course- I get to drive the golf cart!
Even though our son is grown up and on his own, we all still look forward to our time together at the Little River Inn.  My son still gets excited when he thinks about Thanksgiving dinner, especially.  We can't wait for him to start his own family so that we can see our own grandchildren playing tennis and having fun at the Little River Inn!