We have been coming to the Little River Inn two times a year for approximately ten years[we can't quite remember]. We have booked the "same time next year" for an October and an April trip, often hitting the time changes at each visit. We came to Little River Inn the first time as a thank you from my husband's place of employment after 20 years. We stayed in the main buildings the first time but moved on to the Van Damm units and eventually our favorite....Coombs Cottage. It became our home away from home...our little quiet nest away from work and raising three kids. Friends would say what do you do up there? ....we would answer "nothing"....we just sit on our porch, watch the waves...perhaps sip a little bubbly  & talk and enjoy each other's uninterrupted company. What could be better?  Of course we wander into town for a stroll down main street , dine in the fine little restaurants....pore over the books in the bookstore...take a little road trip to Fort Bragg.......but eventually we return to "our" cottage each afternoon to do "nothing." What a treat! We have since discovered "Electra" as another the window seat for reading! Mendocino has helped us mark birthdays & anniversaries, even if we don't celebrate on the actual dates. As we drive away each time...we say "when are we coming back?" Thank you for providing a quiet haven in our hectic lives that we look forward to each year x 2!