Our Tradition at Little River Inn is one of our most cherished events of every year - we start talking about "next year" as soon as we are headed home from the previous year (always insisting that we'll stay more nights next time around!)!  Tersilla and I first stayed at the Little River Inn in the early to mid-nineties while we were dating.  We got married in 1995 and started our annual tradition to the Inn in 1997 - always around "T's" birthday in March.
After trying various rooms, all of which we loved, of course, we ended up settling on Coombs Cottage in 2000 and have stayed there every year since (with one painful exception, when we decided to go to Santa Fe, NM, but that's another story!).
Anyhow, of course we love the room, its deck, the view, the service, the food, the Whale Watch bar, the golf (especially the Red Seal Ale on draft in the pro shop!)  and everything else one would expect.... but more than any of that, we love the people and the "vibe" at the Little River Inn!  The atmosphere is that of a close family hosting out-of-town friends - warm, welcoming and a tremendous amount of fun!!
Here's to continuing Our Tradition for many decades to come!!  Thanks to all of you at the Inn for making it such a special part of our lives!!