Our ‘Tradition’ with Little River Inn started 15 years ago, as I was preparing to marry my wonderful wife.
A bit skeptical, I was offered some advice, from an older married man & friend who said, “You’ve just got to check this place out, -there is no place on earth like it…  they have cedar burning fireplaces over the vast ocean, incredible views and incredible restaurant, in a wonderful town.”
Having been going through the fast pace of the Bay Area, we were really looking forward to leaving the entire state of California on our honeymoon.  We were Hawaii bound for the second week. What we found became completely the opposite of what we thought.
Driving up the coast after a crammed, short engagement and huge wedding just melted and peeled layers off of us. –Finally, some rest. The next day awakening, we barely left the room we had till evening. –It was simply too beautiful there.
We had another night slated in Napa, for the return & subsequent flight to Hawaii, which we promptly called the people & cancelled! Not enough great rest had been had in this wonderful place, and later found… never, ever do you get enough time here!   What we found was the two nights, three very long days we could, spent in Mendocino, at Little River Inn were by far better than the additional week and a half spent elsewhere. And we also found that continued trips here kept and encouraged our marriage and others. Going here kept it alive, vibrant, rested and fun.

In the years following…
We have referred well over 22 married couples and counting, who’ve actually stayed at Little River Inn.  Either they’ve come up with us, or on their own.
Thank you, Little River Inn & the entire staff.  The memories are too many and too numerous to even begin to mention here.