Our love of Little River Inn began Memorial Day 1987. We arrived carrying flowers in our Coolers, for the “On the Front Porch, grand Wedding”, of our friends, John Bogue and then to be, Mary Ann Bogue.

Our first winding drive up the narrow tight curves toward Boonville, on through the tall Redwoods, then to Little River Inn was a strain on our old Chev. 454 Station Wagon, with wife shoving her feet through the floorboards, and 2 Carin Terriers barfing!
The beautiful Bogue wedding and banquet was attended by many friends, and the embracing support of Printha, Joan, and Little River Inn staff are a remembrance always!
Tradition set in, and for 21 years now, we have spent a beautiful Memorial Day week- end celebrating with the Bogues, friends, and, Ed’s ever-faithful Seagull on the porch rail, as white ocean waves roll toward the bluffs in the background. And yes, we really appreciate Little River Inn has ocean view rooms designated for people with pets.
As time went on, and we were further spoiled by Little River Inn staff, we began spending more and more of our Xmas’s At Little River Inn, again with Bogue’s. The smell of the decorated Xmas tree, the beauty of the dining room garden flower arrangements: it’s all consuming!
Needless to say, the food in the dining room is to die for!   Hint: if you haven’t tried Cynthia’s Granola for breakfast-oh yes, the ole’berry scones, you haven’t lived!
Husbands beware! Don’t let your wife get near the jewelry case charms at the registration desk! You won’t have money to buy gas to get home! Instead, buy several pounds of the delicious Little River Inn coffee beans at the counter.
When you leave, don’t forget to take a delicious apple from the Piano Room. Jeanne buys a bag of McGown apples from their food stand on the way home, and then to her first grade class. She teaches colors red, green, yellow; then they get to eat them.