Oh, Little River Inn, a fond wonderful tradition in my and our lives. The tradition started in the mid-seventies. I was introduced to the "Inn" by a good friend, Ray Petersen. We have since been going to the Inn to celebrate New Year's Eve and other significant events in our lives. We, (the Petersen's and us), have only missed coming to Little River for New Year's when a major event happened in our lives, i.e.;  divorce, operations, illness, and floods.
We have been going there long enough that when the Inn celebrated it's 50th year in business, we were one of the many invited to celebrate the special Anniversary. The rates for food and lodging were scaled back to the late 1930's prices. What a deal for us. And what fun. 
When you think of Little River Inn, many fond, very funny  memories come to mind. Don't forget we are "the original table number one".
You can't talk about Little River Inn and not mention Joanie and Printha. Joanie has been our "go to" person for all these years. She is number 1. Printha always has a "what can I do for you" attitude and is just plain fun. In the history of Little River Inn these two must be recognized.
One of my favorite memories is the day in the late seventies, when Ray, our spouses and I,  flew up to Little River for lunch. Ray was the pilot. We landed at the airport to find no one there to rent us the depilated station wagon. Ray called the Inn, got Duke on the phone, who in turn left the Bar and came and got us. We had a great  abalone lunch. Duke took us back to the airport, again leaving the Bar, with patrons present, simply telling them, "I'll be back shortly and don't take anything".  Now Duke is gone hopefully in a better place. But we sure had fun with that cantankerous little friend.
My next favorite memory was when I was able to take my wife, Lynne, to the Inn several years back, She LOVES the Inn!
Well it's been well over thirty years that I have enjoyed the Inn and we will continue to do so for hopefully a long time to come.