My wife (Connie) and I had a tradition of camping each New Year's Eve at the Van Damme State Park, located right down the road from Little River Inn.

 The year is 1978 and we were on our usual New Years Eve camping trip down the hill from the Inn.  The weather was cold, there was a driving rain and us in our small camper.  Connie looked out the rain-smeared window, pointed up the hill toward the Inn and said:  "Next year we stay up there".
Thus started our New Year's Eve tradition at the Little River Inn and the tradition continues some 30 years later, always in the same room (134) bayside upstairs.  The sunset views are awesome.  We had to miss a couple of years due to family illness, but we still continue to look forward to our time at Little River Inn every New Year's Eve.
Connie loves Ole's Swedish hotcakes, olallieberry cobbler and a stroll through the town of Mendocino.  I look forward to playing at least 9 holes on the golf course with it's spectacular views of the ocean.  Cocktails at the Whale Watch bar with bartender Sue always precede a delightful New Year's Eve dinner.  Party favors, fun atmosphere, excellent service and exceptional fare always make for a delightful dining experience.