Our very first trip to Little River Inn was in 1977.  We were on a road trip with our two sons.  The boys were enthralled with all the deer on the property, but even more so with the 3-prong forks in the dining room!  After that one-night stay, we knew this was a place we wanted to return to – just the two of us!!!

It took two years and a major move from Southern California to the Sacramento area but in 1979 we began our tradition of getting away, just the two of us, at Little River Inn.  It’s hard to believe that this year will be the 30th anniversary of that tradition.  Although a lot has changed in our lives and at the Inn, our annual stay there is still a highlight of every year. 

When we made it into Elaine’s “Forever Book”, we knew we’d become true same-time-next-year regulars.  Elaine has long since retired and the hand-kept reservation book has been replaced by up-to-date technology, but when life gets hectic and way too busy (as it sometimes does!) we often look knowingly at each other and say “We need a Little River Experience!!!”

Our first annual trips were always the last weekend in October, but when we became empty-nesters, we began to travel more widely in the fall, so we changed our trip to the same week every April.  No matter what else our travel plans for the year include, we always protect that very special time to spend together at LRI.  It refreshes our marriage, our spirits, and reminds us that, whether we are doing something exciting, or just doing nothing but sitting on the deck, the important thing is that we have each other to do it with! 

Thank you for giving us the wonderful place where we’ve created so many cherished memories.