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located on California's Mendocino Coast

Chef Marc Dym

Marc Dym

Five star chef Marc Dym was named Executive Chef at Little River Inn in 2006, after Marc and Cally (who is the fifth-generation Innkeeper) were married. Dym brings a modern twist to the classic American-regional cuisine of Little River Inn, garnering high Zagat ratings, including the Top Food Ranking for the entire country in 2012. Prior to moving to the Mendocino Coast in 1998, Dym toured the global restaurant scene from Texas and Pennsylvania to Antigua and Zurich. His last stop before the Mendocino Coast was the posh Ritz Restaurant in Newport Beach. A chance to escape the presses of city living lured him to this secluded stretch of the northern California coastline, which he now calls home.

For Chef Dym, Little River Inn offers the best of both worlds. On the dining room menu, Dym relies on his classical Culinary Institute of American training to create dishes that are at once familiar and modern. Osso bucco of lamb, lacquered halibut with crispy Hong Kong noodles, wild boar ragout, and sole meuniere made from the Petrale sole that comes into nearby Noyo Harbor are favorites that blend perfectly with the Inn’s wide selection of wines. At the same time, the bar menu allows Dym to explore his creativity with small plates like green-lipped mussels with tobiko wasabi mayo, pork belly BLT’s, and combining Little River Inn’s classic fried calamari with Asian slaw.