San Jose Mercury News says, “…if you are a golfer and you are heading up to Mendocino/Fort Bragg for a little North Coast downtime, there is a golf course in the area that makes it worth your while to toss your golf gear in the trunk along with your suitcase – the Little River Inn Golf Course.

7×7 Magazine says, “…If you’re really up for a weekend to remember, you can go out and catch the crab yourself. The fifth generation of family innkeepers at Little River Inn have put together what they’re calling the “Crab Catcher’s Package.” Pack some nice clothes for your two nights at the Inn, but come prepared with layers you don’t mind getting dirty and smelly and they’ll make all of the arrangements for you to head out to sea.

Expedia says, “…As an aside, we also love taking romantic escapes north of Sonoma County, in Mendocino County. Our favorite spot there: the Little River Inn, which has been owned by the same family for the last 75 years. While we adore the standard rooms overlooking the ocean south of Mendocino, we spent our last visit in the private cottage, tucked into the woods. As guests here, we had access to all of the fresh produce in the nearby restaurant garden, which meant a veritable buffet of strawberries and snap peas whenever we craved them.