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Tucked among the hills and redwoods, the nine-hole course presents unexpected challenges to golfers. It may be that the stunning ocean views distract first time players, or it may be a wandering deer crossing the putting green – this is an Audubon-certified sanctuary, after all.


Like everything else at Little River Inn, the golf course has a colorful family history. Watching Arnold Palmer play on TV one day in the mid ’50s, Ole Hervilla decided a golf course would draw even more guests to his inn. The locals told him nobody would play golf on the coast. But he was determined. He consulted three golf architects, each one more expensive than the other. After talking to the third pricey expert, he said, “Thanks, you just made a golf architect out of me.” Working with contractors on the coast, he opened the course in 1957.

Stats & Rates

Yardage: 5,458
Slope rating:
 68.2/120 for Blue/White Tees, 61.7/120 Gold Tees, and 68.8/122 for Red Tees
Founded: 1957
Membership: Semi-private
Greens Fees: $30 (9) / $45 (18)
Motor Cart: $20 (9) and $30 (18)
Pull Cart: $5 (9) / $7 (18)
Golf Clubs: $25
Small bucket of balls: $4
Large bucket of balls: $8

Course Description

HOLE NO. 1 (BLUE TEES) & 10 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 3/4 Par 4 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 381 yards Women’s Tees (red) 362 yards A straight par 4. Aim on a line halfway between the tree line on the left and the pine tree on the right near the top of the driving range. A water hazard (pond) awaits on the left side about 240 yards out. The green is guarded by a creek just right of the fast, sloped green. Stay below the hole for best results.

HOLE NO. 2 (BLUE TEES) & 11 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 15/16 Par 3 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 156 yards Women’s Tees (red) 141 yards Trouble lurks on all sides on this par 3. Bunkers left and front, water hazards left and rear, out of bounds to the right. Club selection and accuracy are a premium here.

HOLE NO. 3 (BLUE TEES) & 12 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 5/6 Par 5 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 444 yards Women’s Tees (red) 405 yards A dogleg left par 5 requiring an uphill second shot. A tee shot of about 220 yards up the right side affords a good level position for the second shot over the hill. Please be sure to check that players ahead are clear before hitting over the hill. Aim the shot over the hill at the tallest fir tree tip on the east horizon.

HOLE NO. 4 (BLUE TEES) & 13 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 1/2 Par 5 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 485 yards Women’s Tees No. 4 (red) 444 yards – Par 5 Women’s Tees No. 13 (red) 352 yards – Par 4 A sharp dogleg left that is over 270 yards to the ‘corner.’ A drive just left of the large pine on the right will open up a good angle for the second shot, even though slightly longer than the left side line. A warning- stay below the hole on this severely back to front sloped green. Water hazard left side all the way to the green.

HOLE NO. 5 (BLUE TEES) & 14 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 13/14 Par 4 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 290 yards Women’s Tees (red) 275 yards This short par 4 demands an accurate right to left tee shot of about 225 yards to avoid the fairway bunkers. The two-level green slopes away from the player on the approach shot. Out of bounds left.

HOLE NO. 6 (BLUE TEES) & 15 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 17/18 Par 4 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 248 yards Women’s Tees (red) 240 yards A reachable par 4 for many players at 245 yards. Please wait for players to putt out if you are going for the well bunkered green off the tee! A safer alternative is to lay up at about 200 yards off the tee. Out of bounds left tee to green.

HOLE NOS. 7 AND 16 Hole No. 7 (blue tees) Handicap 15 Par 3 Men’s Tees (blue) 141 yards Women’s Tees (red) 128 yards This is the green visible just across the canyon with the sand bunker in front. Hit from the white tees to #16 green (141yards). Hole No. 16 (white tees) Handicap 10 Par 3 Men’s Tees (white) 203 yards Women’s Tees (red) 190 yards From the blue tees, hit to the far green (203 yards). Do not hit to the green visible just across the canyon, this is #7. #16 green is left of that green and the flag is just visible over the ridge. Trouble lurks left and behind this elevated green. DO NOT hit to #16 green while #7 green is occupied.

HOLE NO. 8 (BLUE TEES) & 17 (WHITE TEES) Handicap 7/8 Par 4 Men’s Tees (blue/white) 328 yards Women’s Tees (red) 319 yards A straight away downhill par 4. The green slopes away from the player on the approach shot and is bordered on the left and rear by a deep bunker.

HOLE NOS. 9 AND 18 These holes have separate greens (like #7 & #16) but have separate teeing grounds: Hole No. 9 (blue tees) Handicap 11 Par 3 Men’s Tees (blue) 177 yards Women’s Tees (red) 175 yards From the blue tees hit to the green on the left (177 yards). A steep bank off the left edge and trees to the right put a premium on accuracy for the shot into a small green. Hole No. 18 (white tees) Handicap 10 Par 4 Men’s Tees (white) 273 yards Women’s Tees (red) 227 yards From the white tees (elevated tee behind blue tees) hit to the green on the right (273 yards). The front and flanks of the green approach are heavily bunkered so a 200 yard tee shot is advised to avoid trouble. If you are going for the green off the tee please wait for the 18th green to clear before teeing off. NEVER hit to #18 if #9 green (on left) is occupied.


During the Covid-19 crisis, for the safety of our staff, community, and guests we are requiring masks and social distancing at check-in and in common spaces. If you feel sick or are exhibiting any symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your stay.