located on California's Mendocino Coast


A classic coastal resort with spectacular ocean views, Little River Inn boasts a long legacy of authentic family hospitality. The fifth generation, including Innkeeper Cally Dym and her husband, Executive Chef Marc Dym, are currently at the helm, happily welcoming guests just as the family has done since the Inn opened its doors.

Standing on the front porch of Little River Inn, itís hard to imagine that the peaceful bay below once was a robust shipping port. In the 1850s, millions of board feet of lumber were loaded onto ships that sailed around the world. The owner of the lumber mill was Silas Coombs, great grandfather of Danny Hervilla and Susan Hervilla McKinney, the innís fourth generation and present owners. The Coombs home became Little River Inn when Cora Coombs, Silasí granddaughter, and her husband Ole Hervilla opened for business in 1939.

The property now occupied by the Little River Inn and its Golf Course was originally three hundred acres of rolling wooded pastures. In 1934 fifty acres were sold and eventually became what is now Van Damme State Park which includes some of the last remaining protected stands of pygmy forest.

Today the main property unfolds around the original Victorian centerpiece. Much remains the same as it was in Oleís day – with a few changes. In the 1960ís Mallory House, situated on 250 acres of ocean bluff, was purchased and turned into some of our most popular luxury accommodations. What is now the Van Damme Quarters and Coombs Cottage was purchased at approximately the same time, which added another 10 acres of oceanfront property to the Innís holdings.

Although the original property has been updated to meet modern expectations, we feel the property still retains its original appeal: comfortable, relaxing and elegant.