located on California's Mendocino Coast

Pets Welcome


Little River Inn provides designated on-leash walking areas complete with waste bag dispensers and disposable receptacles, cover sheets for furniture, water and food dish, a pet towel, disposable waste bags and “welcome” treats.


Ocean View Fireplace Rooms:

105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 126, 127, 128 & 129

Ocean View Fireplace with Steam Shower:

104, 111 & 112

Ocean View Deluxe:

102, 103, 160, 161, 162, 263 & 264

Garden Retreat:

381 (Llama Cottage)

Ocean View Luxury:

144 (Rosie’s Cottage)

When booking a reservation, please remember to state that you are bringing a pet since only a portion of the rooms are pet accessible. Pet fees are $25 per pet, per night for a maximum of two pets per room. Guests assume financial responsibility for any damage caused by their pet during the stay.


Little River Inn is very pleased to welcome you and your significant other (the furry one). We are a pet-friendly property because we love animals and travel frequently with our own. We truly believe that the privilege of traveling with our pets comes with responsibility.

Please practice good citizenship while you’re on vacation (you know, that stuff you learned in puppy kindergarten) so that all our guests enjoy their trip.

Little River Inn provides water and food dishes, a pet towel, cover sheets for furniture, disposable waste bags and welcome treats. See our property map for designated on-leash walking areas complete with waste bag dispensers and receptacles.

We also have pet-friendly dining available during breakfast and dinner with advance reservations.

Pack Rules

Dogs must be on leash outside your room. Same goes for ferrets.

DO NOT leave your pet in your room unattended.

Please take your pet on a walk while we clean your room.

Puppy class 101: pick up after your pet. Bags and waste receptacles are provided in designated pet walking areas. Check the property map for pet station areas.

DO NOT leave your pet in your room unattended.

If your pet has an “accident” in your room, please let us know ASAP so we can clean it up. The longer it sits, the harder it is to remove stains and odors.

Please only use the special towels provided for your pet. Also, please use the provided sheets to cover your pet’s favorite spot on the bed, chair, etc.

Pet owners assume financial responsibility for damage caused by their creature. Which leads us to …

DO NOT leave your pet in your room unattended. Seriously, they are not happy without you. We have stories from silly to scary of what happens when pets are left alone. Yes, even your perfect baby. We have lists of lots of pet-friendly activities on the coast, so take them with you!