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Urchin Tidepooling

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Urchin Tidepooling Package

Friday, June 16, 7 pm: Campfire at Van Damme State Beach

Enjoy special treats with Kevin Smith PhD, learn a little about the importance of kelp, and prep for your adventure on Saturday morning.

Saturday, June 17, morning low tide at Van Damme State Beach

Follow Kevin Smith PhD, onto the rocks and into the shallows searching for urchin, turban snails and other tide pool treats.  Keep your catch or learn how to prepare it at the evening meal.

Saturday, June 17, 1 pm- Urchin talk and demo at Van Damme State Beach

Learn what’s happening under the waves, how the purple urchin came to dominate the ocean floor, and how to open these spiny creatures.  Get front row seats and first dibs on cracking open urchin.  Ranger program presented by Esme Placencia; science speak and demo presented by Tristin McHugh of the Nature Conservancy. 

Saturday, June 17, 6 pm- Cooking demo and dinner at Little River Inn

You never know what professional diver Greg Fonts will bring up from the ocean depths.  Learn how to prepare his catch along with all the goodies you collect that morning.  Nibble on the fruits of your labor while sipping sake with Kerry Tamura of World Sake.

Sit down with your new urchin hunter friends to a 5-course, uni-centric meal prepared by Executive Chef Marc Dym and Sushi Chef Frank Takao.  Each dish is artfully paired with sake chosen by Kerry Tamura.

Package includes 2 nights lodging and 2 breakfasts- $2,500 for two people – Use Code URCHIN23 to Book Online


During the Covid-19 crisis, for the safety of our staff, community, and guests we are requiring masks and social distancing at check-in and in common spaces. If you feel sick or are exhibiting any symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your stay.