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A Flavor for Everyone

Each of our rooms have their own unique flavor, and one thing we’ve learned over the years is that one person’s favorite may be another person’s least favorite room – often for the same reason.

To try to help guide you to your own ‘old favorite’, even if this is your first visit, we’ve put together a list of some of our rooms along with why people love them, and why others pass on them.

Filtered Ocean Views (126-129 & 226-229)

We call them filtered views because the view of the ocean isn’t quite as unobstructed as in some of our other rooms – but many of our guests prefer these delightful rooms. Located at the north end of our property they overlook Van Damme State Beach and the Pacific Ocean through towering trees accented by climbing ivy – it feels like living in a treehouse with ocean views.

Why You'll Love It

Farthest from the main building – less foot traffic.  Closest to the bay – best for hearing the surf and seals.  Tall trees outside – sitting on the deck feels like being in an ocean-side treehouse.  Newly remodel bathrooms with two-person rain showers.  The downstairs rooms are pet friendly with a nearby pet area.

Why You Might Pass

Farthest from the main building, so farther to walk after dinner.  Also, the paths down to these rooms can seem a bit steep after a couple of cocktails.  Closest to the bay – the surf and seals are noisy, and some people find it more obnoxious than soothing.  There are trees blocking the view.

Traditional Ocean View Rooms ( 118-125 & 218-225)

Our traditional ocean views are our ‘standard’ room, in as much as we have such a thing. They are connected by a long deck running along the upstairs and downstairs levels. Each room’s deck has its own outdoor Adirondack chairs, and a small privacy partition – but you can still see and hear your neighbors.

Why You'll Love It

The view of the bay.  The downstairs rooms have two beds.  The price.  The shared veranda – some guests that love this feature have made friends with their neighbors and now come back together each year.

Why You Might Pass

The shared veranda because it is not private and can be noisy. No gas fireplace.

Old Favorites (114-117)

These four rooms are located between the original Inn building where the restaurant and bar are located, and the longer building housing our Traditional Ocean View and Filtered Ocean View Gas Fireplace rooms. They are the only rooms left on the property that still have wood-burning fireplaces, and as such are ‘Old Favorites’ for many of our guests who have been staying here for decades.

Why You'll Love It

The wood burning fireplaces.  Very close to the main building.  The views of the bay.  The decks feel very private. For people who have somewhat limited mobility, the proximity to the main building and restaurant, and relatively level parking area, can be an advantage

Why You Might Pass

The smell from the wood burning fireplaces – not everyone’s cup of tea.  Close to the driveway.

Room 102

This is most famous for being the room James Dean stayed in while filming East of Eden. It’s unlike any of our other rooms, with its proximity to the bar (right next door), unique decor, and round jacuzzi tub. This is one of those rooms people ask for by name and number, and you’ll want to book it far in advance once it becomes your favorite.

Why You'll Love It

Closest to the bar.  Large room with sitting area.  Round jacuzzi tub (cue Barry White).  The view.  Large groups frequently use this room as their hospitality suite. 

Why You Might Pass

Closest to the bar and smoking deck, so more foot traffic passing by room.  A round jacuzzi tub, really?

Rooms 111 and 112

Located at the south end of our property, these stand-alone cottages with steam showers are probably our most private rooms on the main property. Spacious, and nestled back against a path with blooming flowers and thick bushes, they feel separate from the rest of the world in a way many people enjoy.

Why You'll Love It

These are stand-alone cottages and probably the most private rooms on the main property.  They have large two person steam showers.

Why You Might Pass

Tucked away towards the back of the property, the views aren’t as sweeping as other rooms.  These rooms do not have bath tubs.

Rooms 106-109

These connected rooms are located at the bottom of the hill on the south side of our property, and are pet-friendly. Although connected to other rooms, you have fewer neighbors than when you’re staying in one of our traditional ocean view rooms. They’re also quite spacious, and a number of them are ADA friendly (and double as very family-friendly units).

Why You'll Love It

Located at the bottom of the hill, these rooms are closest to the small market across the street.  They are pet friendly.  Rooms 106 and 109 are ADA rooms and, though smaller than ADA rooms 161 and 162, there is less of an incline to the main building.  Families love the huge roll in showers that also have bath tubs.  Room 106 has a king bed and 107-109 have two doubles.

Why You Might Pass

Located at the bottom of the hill, these rooms are closest to the road and its noise.  The views are not as sweeping as from above.  Rooms 107 and 108 are smaller than most of our other rooms.

Room 103

Located next door to room 102, this is another unique room located near the bar and restaurant. Another favorite people ask for by number, you’ll want to book 103 well in advance if you fall in love with it.

Why You'll Love It

Fondly called the cathedral room due to the large stained glass window in the bathroom which houses a soaking tub and separate shower.  The bedroom is dominated by a huge mirror the frame of which was painted by family member long ago.  It is close to the main building and has sweeping views of the Pacific.

Why You Might Pass

Being close to the main building, there is more foot traffic going by this room.  It is a bit smaller than most of our other rooms.

Room 104

Located between rooms 103 and 105, room 104 is another of our stand-alone rooms, abutting the garden behind the restaurant.

Why You'll Love It

The old-timey clapboard interior.  The sweeping views of the Pacific.  This room has a two person steam shower and sitting area.  Though close to the main building, it is tucked back a little so it feels more private than rooms 102 and 103. 

Why You Might Pass

Being close to the main building, there is more foot traffic going by this room.

Room 105

At the south edge of the main building, Room 105 is one of our largest rooms in this category, and people who like to spread out a bit more (but don’t need a full suite) often ask for this room.

Why You'll Love It

Like 104, this room is close to the main building, but also tucked back so that you don’t notice the foot traffic.  This is one of the bigger rooms in its price point.

Why You Might Pass

Being close to the main building, there is more foot traffic going by this room.  The bathroom is outdated. 


During the Covid-19 crisis, for the safety of our staff, community, and guests we are requiring masks and social distancing at check-in and in common spaces. If you feel sick or are exhibiting any symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your stay.